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Dr. Shirinbek is so good at growing medicinal herbs and prescribing them to patients, that people from as far as Russia come to him for help.  

During the 1990s Tajik Civil War, when Dr. Shirinbek's access to Western medication was limited, he taught himself the medicinal properties of the plants growing in the mountains around him.

Now, Dr. Shirinbek combines his practice of Western medicine with herbal remedies.  If you go to him for treatment, he will first ask to see your Doctor's files.  He will then propose an integrated treatment plan.

Support Dr. Shirinbek's vision of opening up an herbal pharmacy

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Dr. Shirinbek has acquired a prime plot of land across the street from the hot water healing spa in Avj. Construction is under way on an ecologically friendly pharmacy, replete with solar panels and a bio-tank.  

The multifunctional building will include:

Dr. Shirinbek's friends who are constructing his pharmacy take a break and admire their progress.

Dr. Shirinbek's friends who are constructing his pharmacy take a break and admire their progress.

  • A medical office, where Dr. Shirinbek and his son, Dr. Olimi Shirinbek, can see patients
  • A pharmacy, where Dr. Shirinbek’s wife, Khadija (a trained nurse) can fill prescriptions for natural remedies
  • A museum, to conserve and promote the natural and cultural heritage of the district
  • A library, where other Tajik Ismailis can come to learn about herbal therapy and use equipment donated to the organization (including computers, a label printer and a cutter machine for herbs)
  • A guest house, with four bedrooms on the upper floor, for tourists interested in ecotourism.  Activities include hiking through the mountains to find herbs
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Donate today and help more Tajik Ismailis benefit from Dr. Shirinbek's expertise

Donations are currently being sought to fund:

  • Electronic equipment to be housed in the library, for the use of the surrounding villages
  • The completion of the Pharmacy. While most of the building is now finalized, funds are needed to complete the toilet and adequately furnish the interiors
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