lesson plan on pluralism

Overview: We hope to help teachers utilize the film as a resource to teach pluralism—that is, building bridges and connections by challenging students’ preconceived notions. Moreover, we hope students become more aware of their own preconceived notions, ethnocentrism, self-entitlement and feelings of superiority towards other cultures. We anticipate students will have opportunities to feel gratitude, humility and apply empathetic conversations towards other peoples. Ultimately, students should be inspired to bridge divides they will identify within their own communities, societies and world.

Appropriate for: 12-17 years old

Time requirements: 110 minutes

Resources needed:

  • Lesson Plan (provided)
  • Drawing supplies (paper, color pencils)
  • Genetic lottery sorting website (in lesson plan)
  • Film-guide worksheet (provided)
  • Bridging the Divide PowerPoint (provided)

These resources have been created by Arif Sunesera, a secondary religious educator (STEP) in San Antonio and Houston, Texas.  Arif has an undergraduate degree in International Economics and Finance from Austin College and a double Masters in Teaching and Muslim Societies and Civilizations from the University of London.